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4 Power...Batteries, Video work... and more

Support / Visit these FREE sites

Freeplay Music is the biggest, the best and the fastest growing "free" broadcast music production library in the world.


1000 Different Calculators.


Encyclopedia Online (1)


Encyclopedia Online (2)


World Atlas


Maps To Every where. Really good, zoom in to see your house!!! (Our Malta not Listed)


The Universe within 50000 Light Years This web page is designed to give everyone an idea of what our universe actually looks like

SOFTWARE FOR PEOPLE WHO BUILD THINGS! A collection of home shop, mathematical and miscellaneous utility freeware

All Italian Cars
List of manufacturers with photos
of all models, Fiat, Lancia
 and many many more

Medical - See our body..from inside. Really good educational site.


Lets Go Fishing
Very Good site by Mr.Frank Abela. Shows all fish that can
be found in Maltese waters



One Week at a Time