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Boating Hobby

Join the 4Power Boat Club - Free Joe 9987 9264


The main objective is to increase Safety of Life at Sea.


1) Build a group of friends who will keep in touch with each other and offer their help in case of emergency. The club will compile a data base of telephone numbers of boat owners. Every member can keep a copy, so he/she can contact other members in case of emergency at sea.


2) Educate members on safety issues.


3)      Eventually purchase our own boat to offer free emergency and beach patrol services.


4)      Co-Ordinate / work closely with local authorities such as the Malta Maritime Authority, Civil Protection, AFM and the Police force on safety at sea issues


5) Charges:-


       a) There will be no charge by the club when service is given from member   to member, however the clubs accepts a small donation if possible.


        b) Members may charge other members a minimal charge to cover expenses incurred as agreed by the member provider and the member receiver. However a guide line will be issued by the club.  Every service given must be reported to the club.


6) Services can include but not limited to: - Fuel transport (max 25 liters), towing, First aid, starting of engines, etc


Members offering this service must be fully qualified in the field they want to help in. They must also follow all rules and regulations, safety precautions as described by law. The members using any service must make sure that the member offering the services is duly qualified and licensed to offer such service. The club will not be responsible for any accident which may arise from using the clubs service.


7) to promote, establish, foster and assist the pursuits of boating, sailing, fishing and water sports of all kinds: to develop goodwill, fellowship and knowledge of safe practices amongst members and others.



Note: Until an amendment is made to the club regulations by the director of the club, the club will NOT offer any emergency services. It just brings boat owners together to help each other in case of emergencies


8) Membership will be of Lm 5 per year, and will cover periodic news letters, membership cards, updated list of telephone numbers, club management etc. Members with no income or below the minimum wage level are invited to join for free. All accounts will be done by a professional accounting body.

Note that membership is free till the club is set up. The main sponsor will be 4Power.


9) Any one over can join, boat owners and not. Persons who can give a hand in the running of the club, writing articles for the news letter, interviewing boat owners, evaluating and reporting the clubs use and progress etc. organizing activities are more than welcome. Children/ persons under the age of 18 will need a written consent from their parents.



The Director

Joe Mifsud




Boating Terminology

International Code Flags or Signaling Flags


Identifying Aids to Navigation

GPS Overview-The Sky's the Limit

The Nautical Mile  1,852 meters, or 1.852 kilometers, 1.1508 miles, or 6,076 feet



Distress Signals/ MayDay

EPIRB / GPIRB - the smart EPIRB / SART

Will You Be Seen In Time?

Navigation Lights

Marine Fire Prevention and Control

What is the Meaning of SOS?

Rule of the Road




Electrolysis Can Eat Your Prop

Trim Tabs - An Explanation

Boat Battery Wiring Diagrams

Electrical Connections, wire and Cables



Volvo Penta Stern Drive Scematics

Changing the Engine Oil

Changing the impeller

Fuel System / Filters




Beaufort Scale







Ropes and Knots

Parachute Sea Anchors, Drogues, Sea anchors


Useful Links
Malta Maritime Authority
EU law and the Fisherman
Characteristics of the Maltese 25 Mile fishing Zone and marine resources

Configuration of the Maltese Shelf. (Diagrams showing depths around Malta)

All About TUNA ( Blue Fin) Where to go fishing and how.  See full report

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Would you like to be assisted from St.Andrews boat club members in case of emergency
Would you like to offer assistance to St.Andrews boat club members in case of emergency?

Emergency Tel Nos.

AFM Rescue Co-Ordination Centre…. 809279

Valletta Port Control…………............ 241 363/4



Fire ……………………………………..199



Distress calls

To all stations Channel 16

Valletta Port Control (Turetta Channel 12 or 9)


During a distress call please to NOT transmit. Others may be fighting for their lives.



 Weather information at a charge

Professional User Lm 2.10 each call for the first 5 mins

21c for the first 5 mins

Met office

Weather for Malta

Click for Luqa, Malta Forecast

Car / Van / Boat Batteries from Lm 12 delivered (For installation pls ask)

French Cars/ Vans Parts

Video Albums - Lm 5 per 10 min sessions ( Min 3 Sessions)

9987 9 264


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