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4 Power...Batteries, Video work... and more

Video Works

The Video Album
The baby, the new house project, the school project, our pets, plants and many more.
Wont it be a better idea to film  a few minutes at intervals rather than shooting a long film once...than forget all about the video camera.
There is nothing like watching the kids grow, with grandma, with the auntie from Australia, with the family pets.... time flies and soon  those nice moments in life are just memories....fading with time.
With the video camera handy these moments can be recoreded to be shared with other friends, witht the same kids who will be adults in no time....and maybe have a record of those loved ones who will be watching us from haven.

Video Camera Rental..from Lm 3.75


When does the Video camera go faulty? when do the batteries decide to pack up, YES, just before leaving for your holiday, or just the day before of the GREAT event that you have been organising for months.


Our clients are a mix. Some are not lucky with modern gadgets and seem to have some curse, other have invested in their house and they simply cant afford to buy a camera at the moment, other found it cheaper to rent rather than buying, just to use it  once or twice a year. Sometimes its even cheaper as they dont have to keep buying new batteries.


Video Copy / Transfers

Its always a good idea to have a copy of your video works. Nothing is more depressing than earasing your originals by mistake. Video recorders have a habbit of going faulty with the most treasured video, and practically doing their best to completely destroy it. Now you have the option of keeping a copy eithere on tape or on DVD.


Video Tape to Video Tape copying  from Lm 3.00 (including 3hour Tape)

Video Tape to DVD Transfer from Lm 6 per 45min tape home video.

Video Tape To DVD Transfer  ( weddings etc) upto 2hours Lm 20 

Let us Shoot it for you...Lm 5


For a very reasonable  fee, we can take a commitment of recording your project a intervals using the latest digital cameras and professional shooting techniques.


One can understand that this is primarily to make it affordable for all. And you can realise the money you will be saving on this scheme.


However there are following rules

These rates do not apply for parties

A minimum of 3 session

Upgrading with music over and titles are possible for an extra charge

Video Tips by Joe Mifsud
  • Avoid unnecessary camera movement / shaking during filming
  • Avoid zooming as much as possible.
  • Keep your shots short.
  • Avoid shooting against the light.
  • Always make sure to have enough battery power before going out to shoot. The battery should be fully charged and a spare battery is sometimes worth its weight in gold
  • Check that your camera is set on Auto (unless you specifically need to use other programs) I had clients hiring video camera and wondering why their recording came out black and white.
  • Use a tripod or mono pod if possible. Not practicable for short distance action shots, so a steady grip is recommended.
  • Make sure to have enough film for the occasion.
  • Be careful when handling video lights, especially the high power ones. Never pass over other people, especially children. Be extra careful from curtains. Never tighten the video light screen. The screen or filter will crack due to the excessive heat build up by the halogen lamp.
  • Children are curious creatures. Keep the video light away from kids, especially right after using it.
  • Give a few minutes time for the video light to cool off before moving it.